Classical back massage 30 min. 15,00 €
Classical full-body massage 60 min. 27,00 €
Classical massage induces the body into the state of complete relaxation and supports circulatory system. It helps to prevent pain caused by stiff back muscles and legs.
RELAX massage with warm oil 30 min. 16,00 €
60 min. 28,00 €
Very gentle, restful and relaxing massage with warm coconut oil that will completely relax your body and mind.
AROMA massage 30 min. 16,00 €
60 min. 28,00 €
Massage with bamboo butter that will cover your body in its delightful scent and warm up your soul.
Massage for children 20 min. 12,00 €
Massage for children to help them calm down. It is very good against tummy ache and for overall relaxation and strengthening of muscles. Loving touch is important part of upbringing, your child needs it together with kind words to develop as a human. Massage is intended for children up to 12 years.
Prenatal massage 30 min. 16,00 €
Massage designed for future mothers to help relax strained back and induce good mood.
Reflexology foot massage 30 min. 15,00 €
You can affect particular parts of your body and internal organs by stimulating corresponding reflexology points on the foot. Massage enhances range of motion, favourably affects functions of internal organs, reduces stress and helps to release endorphins.


Contraindications of the massage

  • acute infectious diseases, feverish and infectious conditions
  • immediately after eating
  • cancer patients and after chemotherapy phase
  • gastrointestinal diseases accompanied with infections (appendicitis, cholecystitis etc.) or bleeding (gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastrointestinal cancer etc.)
  • injuries of abdominal area
  • suppurative or fungal diseases
  • inflammatory joint disease (acute rheumatism, decompensated arthrodesis, acute holarthritis etc.)

Local contraindications:

  • varicose veins, phlebitis, venous ulcer
  • edema of uncertain cause
  • swollen lymph nodes, tumors, papules, birthmarks, inflamed or ulcerous conditions
  • abdomen of pregnant women, during postnatal period and period
  • immediately after alcohol consumption