Spa treatments available at Vila Magnolia are Finnish sauna, dry sauna and jacuzzi.  You can relax here with your family, friends or as a couple. Our spa offers full privacy. It is for closed groups only, therefore advanced reservation is required.

Spa rules and regulations:

1. The consumption of alcohol and smoking is forbidden in the spa area.

2. It is forbidden to bring along any glass items into the spa area.

3. The consumption of food or beverages is forbidden in saunas or in a jacuzzi.

4. After entering the spa area, please take off your shoes. You are walking barefoot or in clean flip flops.

5. Clothes and other personal belongings are to be put into the locker in changing room.

6. Every visitor will be given a sheet to use in the spa. In case of using your own linens, these are required to be clean during every visit.

7. Please, take a proper shower in the changing room before entering saunas or jacuzzi.

8. You can lay down or sit on the bench on your sheet or use it as a cover while being in the Finnish sauna. You can put a small towel on the bench in steam sauna or you can spray it with a shower. Please, cover the armchair you are using in the relax room with the sheet. Thus the hygienic standard of the saunas and relax room will be ensured.

9. You can wear a swimming suit to the jacuzzi.

10. Your stay in the spa is on your own responsibility. Children are allowed only in presence of an adult.

11. Visitors are obliged to follow these Spa rules and regulations and follow the instructions of the personnel.

12. You shouldn’t visit the spa if you are bearing visible signs of an infectious disease (such as fever, sinus infection, cough, infective conjunctivitis, weariness, headache, ranking or bleeding wounds, etc.). Also people who are carriers of intestinal bacterial diseases or family members of the infected person are not allowed into the spa. You are not allowed into the spa after consuming higher amounts of alcohol.

13. Visitors should behave with respect to others and contribute to abidance of high hygienic standards and social levels of using sauna. Therefore using your phone in the spa area and relax room is not allowed so other visitors are allowed to relax undisturbed.

14. As visitors leave the spa, they put used sheets into the laundry basket placed in the changing room.