Experience positive effects of taking sauna

Sauna has positive effects on the organism due to changes of heat and cold. Due to the higher temperature blood flows to the skin, subcutaneous area and muscles increases and toxins are secreted through the skin. Temperature of the body increases approximately by 1°C, temperature of the skin approximately by 10°C and you lose 20 – 30 grams of sweat every minute. Heartbeat increases while you sweat and comes back to the normal after cooling down. Regular sauna enhances resistance against stress as well as stimulates the immune system. It acts as a prevention of headaches caused by incorrect vein pressure regulation. Changing of hot and cold phases strengthens veins. Heart is beating faster, but its effort is reduced by extensive vein circulation in the skin. There is no need to fear extreme heart pressure. Skin blood flow is increased by 900%, heartbeat by 50%. Body temperature decreases to its normal value after cooling down. Sauna purifies the skin and stimulates production of new cells. Respiratory system is moisturized during sauna and bronchi is supplied with mucus. To stimulate immune system one or two sauna per week are recommended.

Pregnant women without complications can also take sauna. It can help to alleviate swollen feet and hands caused by retaining water in the organism. Other positive benefits are detoxification and increased blood circulation. The risk of thrombosis is lowered because of reinforced blood circulation. Sauna reduces stress and has calming effect on the organism. To ensure the body is used to changing temperatures, it is ideal to start taking sauna before getting pregnant.

Finnish sauna

Sauna enables overall sweat bath in the hot dry air with temperature between 60° – 100°C (it can be 110 °C closer to the ceiling) but with low humidity between 10 – 25%.

Steam sauna

Steam sauna is desirable alternative for people who don’t like high temperature and low humidity of Finnish sauna. Air humidity in steam sauna is 100% and temperature range from 45°C to 55°C.

Benefits of sauna

Sauna is not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, skin and respiratory diseases, people who have cold or flu, people suffering from allergies and people who have consumed alcohol before taking sauna.

How to take sauna properly

1. Do not enter sauna hungry nor overeaten.

2. Take a shower and towel down before sauna because dry skin sweats better.

3. Enter sauna naked and covered in the sheet.

4. Choose your place – the higher you sit in the sauna, the hotter the air is.

5. Place your sheet on the bench and lay down. When you are sitting raise your feet on the bench so your whole body is on one temperature level. Sit straight for the last two minutes to avoid blood drop down to your feet.

6. Stay as long as you feel comfortable. It is usually 8 to 15 minutes in Finnish sauna. Children shouldn’t stay longer than 5 minutes. It is recommended to spend 20 to 40 minutes in steam sauna.

7. Take a shower to wash away the sweat after leaving sauna. Start cooling down from your feet. It is important to cool down back of your head and afterwards you can enter the cold water bath. Stay in the cold water bath until you feel cold enough. It is desired to spend some time in the fresh air. People suffering from high blood pressure shouldn’t cool down in the cold water bath.

8. You should rest after cooling down for minimum as much time as you spent in sauna.

9. Repeat whole cycle maximum 3 times. Do not wash with soap after the last round of sauna. The cycle is not repeated in steam sauna.

10. It is important to take in enough liquids before and after sauna.

11. If you feel drowsiness, leave sauna immediately.

12. Do not engage in any physical activity after sauna. Quality sleep is recommended.

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