Relax your body with perfect massage

Massage is one of the oldest healing methods in history of the mankind. Massage helps with body pains, relieves muscle spasms and encourages lymph movement. It is soothing not only for the body, but also for the soul.

Swedish (classic) back massage30 min.16 €
Swedish (classic) legs massage30 min.16 €
Swedish (classic) back and legs massage
60 min.28 €
Swedish massage induces the body into the state of complete relaxation and supports circulatory system. It helps to prevent pain caused by stiff back muscles and legs.  
Swedish (classic) full-body massage – legs, back, arms, chest and face120 min.50 €
Swedish (classic) back massage + muscle relaxation with soft techniques60 min.32 €
A pressure massage that relaxes the muscles by acting on reflex points around the cervical spine. Its effectiveness is felt by a rush of a heat to the body. The therapy is very effective in releasing spinal blockages, headaches,
migraines, insomnia and removal of general tension and stress. No oil is used in the massage. The effect of the therapy increases with a classic back massage.

Contraindications of the massage

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